Rudziyakamwe / Tshay’ Inkundla


Mid-morning listening. Music mixed-bag inter-spaced with the following insets:

Mumatare Svondo Rino/Emthethwandaba Kuliviki 09.05 – 09.30
Case by case analysis of issues before our courts
Nziyo Tichishanda/Ingoma Sisebenza 09.30 – 10.00
The record library compiles music which is inspirational for those at their different work places.
Mange muchizviziva here/Belikwazi na 11.15 – 11.20
Trailing of each forth-coming programme. What is to be discussed and recaps on previous discussions.
Nyaya Dzehutano 11.20 -12.00
Spotlight on health issues. A medical doctor is called to answer questions pertaining to various medical conditions/complaints. Listeners phone-in or use the social media to send their questions.