Rudziya Kamwe / Tshay’Inkundla


Mid-morning listening. Music mixed-bag inter-spaced with the following insets:

Nziyo Tichishanda/Ingoma Sisebenza 09.05 – 10.00
The record library compiles music which is inspirational for those at their different work places.
Nyika Dzepasi Rino 10.30 – 10.45
A look at each of the countries on this planet, their geography, their history, their economies, their way of life and anything that may be of interest about that particular country.
Mange muchizviziva here/Belikwazi na 11.15 – 11.20
Waivepi? 11.20 -12.00
Musical request from Zimbabweans in the diaspora based on events back home that gives them nostalgia.