Kwaziso / Ukubingelelana


Listeners write in, greeting their friends and relatives and choose a musical piece to accompany their request.

Zviziviso Zverufu / Izaziso Zemfa 12.50 – 13.00
Death notices. Listeners send their death messages via the social media.
Weather Report 13.20 -13.25
Weather forecast. Weather update. Farmers need information about the weather so that they can plan their work accordingly.
Detembai Tinzwe 15.00 – 15.15
Poetry corner. Poets send in their poems via SMS, Whattsap, E-Mail or they write their poems on paper.
Abancane Qha 15.15 – 16.00
Children’s play time with grand-mother. This is time for story telling, reciting poems and rhymes etc. There is a simple quiz question asked per programme and 3 lucky children get prizes of up to $ 10 each.