Kwayedza / Kusile


Bright and early show. Music mixed bag inter-spaced with informative and educative insets.

Ngatimutsane / Kasivusane 04.00 – 05.05
Bright and early. In this segment listeners have the opportunity of passing
greetings to their loved ones and associates.
Children’s Morning Greetings 06.20 – 07.00
Public Notices 07:10 – 07:15
Listeners send in information on lost and found property, lost/stranded relatives seek assistance on how to be connected with those they would be looking for.
Tiri Parwendo/Sikuhambo 07.15 – 07.20
What constitutes a safe journey? What planning is needed on the part of the traveler to make any journey safe? What are the mechanical needs of vehicles to ensure safe travel?
Kwaedza/Kusile (Live Discussion ) 07.20 – 07.55
Test Children’s General Knowledge On the country’s towns/cities,ministers, heroes, places of interest, minerals etc.
Zvepasi Rino 08.00 – 08.15
The weird world. a look at funny and sometimes unbelievable ocuurances from parts of the world.
Gospel 10 08.15 – 09.00
Which gospel songs arer topping the charts this week? Listeners select songs that feature on the charts.