Swerengoma / Ezamagabazi Omgido


Swerengoma / Ezamagabazi Omgido
Music variety show where different genres are featured, compiled from the Library.
Weather Report 18.20 – 18.30
Weather forecast. Weather update. Farmers need information about the weather so that they can plan their work accordingly.
Usandikanganwe / Ungangilibali 18.45 – 19.00
Where are you? Relatives write in enquiring about the where-abouts of their long lost kinsmen. Several people have been united with their relatives through this programme.
Ziyehla Ziyatshelela 19.15 – 20.00
South African mbaqanga beat from yesteryear.
Zviziviso Zverufu /I zaziso Zemfa 20.20 – 20.25
Death notices. Listeners send their death messages via the social media.
 Zvirimunhau / Okusendabeni 20.30 Р20.45
Newspaper review and analysis of the so called independent media reportage. Correction of misrepresented facts especially about Zimbabwe.
Farai Neidzi/Tshibilika Ngalezi 20.45 – 21.00
Music variety show where different genres are featured. Library compiles.