Thabani P Gambiza a.k.a Manjenjenje Ganda Remababy

Thabani holds a diploma(s) in Mass Communication and Public Relations from Harare Polytechnic, a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Media Studies from N.U.S.T and a Masters Degree in Development Studies from M.S.U.
Manjenjenje Ganda Remamaby started working as a Producer/Presenter at the then Radio 2 way back in 1999 with veteran broadcasters such as, Eric ‘The Knight Rider” Knight, Ezra “Tshisa” Sibanda, Brenda Moyo, Tilda Moyo-Karizamimba, Sam Sibanda, Simon Pashoma Ncube, Elizabeth Chengeta, Gift Msipa, Themba ‘Chana Chavatete’ Mkanda only but to mention a few. At that time she was the youngest lady at the station and got inspiration from these broadcasters through their passion for radio and from then on she has never looked back. For a couple of years, Manjenjenje left Radio 2 to further her studies then bounced back in 2010 to Radio Zimbabwe to pursue her God-given talent.
On a lighter note, the name Manjenjenje Ganda Remababy came into being after she was paired with a fellow presenter PJay Patricia Jacob to present Kwayedza-Kusile (whom she shares the same totem Tembo-Manjenjenje) and it became a very popular show and it still is, now that she is paired with Rai Lionel Mnkandla ‘Sungura Boy’. The programme has a very huge following. She has a very active face book page called Manjenjenje and her own personal one called Thabani Patience Dube-Gambiza. She feels she still has a lot to offer in the broadcasting industry and most of all she loves and appreciates the Radio Zimbabwe listeners.

  • Idzi Ndedzenyu Vechidiki – A musical programme which targets the youths and features music for the young generation. The programme also features artists for the youths which include Zimdancehall, Urban Grooves and R n B artists.  In future the programme seeks to invite young powerful men and/or women for short interviews so that they inspire the other youths.
  • Voimba Vanhukadzi – A musical programme which targets women musicians. It seeks to profile them on their musical career interspaced with their music.  Programme now broadcasts

Radio Shifts:

  • Kwayedza/Kusile – Manjenjenje Ganda Remababy together with Sungura Boy presents the breakfast show every Tuesdays and Thursdays from 0500 – 0900 hours. This show looks at different social and/or work issues in a bid to move away from the traditional aspect of not sweeping real life problems under the carpet.  It has assisted listeners in different communities to truthfully face their issues without fear and/or favor.
  • Kwaziso/Ukubingelelana – Manjenjenje Ganda Remababy alternates during weekdays with Tarisai Tizirepihama a.k.a Mama Tari and Jabulani Ncube a.k.a. Joy Boy to present the most popular programme of all time Kwaziso/Ukubingelelana which engages listeners to send sms’, whatsapp messages, phone-ins to greet their loved ones and request a song of their choice.
  • Dzechitendero – This is a gospel show presented by Manjenjenje every Sunday at 0800 hours. Local, Regional and International songs are featured in this programme