Tarisa Tizirepi Hama a.k.a Tiriri

Tarisai joined the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation in 2002 as a Producer/ Presenter a position which she holds to date. She is a versatile presenter who can and have manned every shift and is also well able to present any programme. She speaks Shona, English and a bit of Ndebele. Currently she produces and presents the following programmes;

Detembai tinzwe: A poetry programme which broadcasts every Monday at 15.45. It focuses on giving guidance to burding writters.
Dzavanagwenyambira: A musical mbira programme which broadcasts every Wednesday at 22.15 featuring various mbira outfits and inserts.
Mwana wako: An educational programme which broadcasts every Thursday at 09.45. It focuses on all issues to do with children aged 0-12.
Gospel 10: A gospel musical chat show which broadcast all Saturdays at 08.15.
Kuziva mbuya huudzwa: An informative programme broadcasting on Saturdays at 15.45. It investigates indigenous knowledge that can be handy to contemporary societies from yesteryear survivors.
Zvakatikomberedza…. An environmental programme that broadcasts on Saturdays at 18.15