Patricia Jacob

Patricia (P.J) Jacob did her Diploma In Journalism and Communication at CCOSA, Executive Certificate in Public Relations with University of Zimbabwe, Degree in Sociology Gender and Development Studies with Women’s University In Africa currently she is studying for her Masters Of Science In Development Studies.

P.J has two permanent shifts, the Monday morning show that she core presents with Godfrey Gweje and the Saturday shift from 1200hrs -1500hrs.

Pamhepo Na Chiremba — Tuesday at 1120-1200hrs- this is a health programme
Radio Zimbabwe Sports—Tuesday 1715-1730hrs -this is a sports programme
Sports Preview—Fridays 0755hrs—fixtures of the matches to be played on weekend
Nyaya dzerudo— Wednesday 1500—1530hrs—Discussion of love stories between the youth.
Kwaziso dze Diaspora—Saturday—1330—1500hrs

Best Maternal Health Reporter
Best Radio Presenter on Antimicrobial Resistance
Best Radio Female Sports Presenter